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I use Linux/MacOSX.
Great ! :)
I use Windows.
Sure, you can use Windows to browse Tellmatic with a Mozilla browser or Opera etc..
If your installation platform is Windows, you are on your own.
Windows+XAMPP is supported by Tellmatic since Version 1.0.5. But its not well tested and its not garantueed that all existing and upcoming features will work with Windows.
I use Internet Explorer, why does the Page look so crappy?.
IE is not supported, it is crap! IE does not show PNG images with transparency. This is not a bug of Tellmatic. We could make a workaround here, but the time to do this i better spend on coding real features for Tellmatic. Please download a cool and secure Browser like Mozilla Seamonkey or Firefox.
After installation of Tellmatic I call index.php and the page is empty / PHP-info is shown.
Please check if the config file 'include/tm_config.inc.php' exists. Its maybe missing. Please delete database tables and re-install. Bear in mind that the webserver need write permissions to the directory 'include'.
The WYSIWYG editor does not load.
Please check read permissions for directory 'js' subdirectories and files. Maybe the webserver can not read the files.
I cannot create groups. The Page leaves empty and no inputform is shown.
Please check read permissions for directory 'include' subdirectories and files. Maybe the webserver can not read the files.
I cannot change language / style. The page looks weird.
Please check read permissions for directories 'locale' and 'css' subdirectories and files. Maybe the webserver can not read the files.
I moved Tellmatic to another directory or renamed the directory, now i get a lot of errors. What to do?
Please set the proper values for the directories where you installed Tellmatic in the config file 'include/tm_config.inc.php'. Change paths in all .htaccess files.
PHP is running as CGI, Why does Authentication/Login not work?
HTTP-AUTH doesnt work with php running as cgi!
Change Index.inc::Line 22:
from $LOGIN->Login...
to #$LOGIN->Login...

for <= 1.0.2 only:
and in database set username to '':
UPDATE `[prefix_]user` SET name='';

Please also read:
PHP and the Cronjob
Please be sure you run the 'cli (command line)' Version of PHP
PHP-Error: function imap_open does not exists. What does this mean?
This means you cannot use bounce management. The function imap_open() must be supported by PHP. If not, you cannot use bouncemanagement. Please call your provider.
Mails are not sent. The SMTP-server does not support authentication (asmtp)
Please search in Q-logfile for: 'SEND Mail'....'this host does not support SMTP-AUTH' or similar. Are you sending via localhost? Did you set up your local mailserver correctly? Maybe you use static ip to auth and no via asmtp-method is provided by your provider. E.g. in italy this is common practice. If you know what you are doing, and youre not a spammer, then edit send_it.php::lines 138, 141,144 for V1.0.2x, or 147, 150, 153 for V1.0.4x and add a # before the command Make sure your server really does not need smtp auth. only spammers send via localhost ;-)! You may call your provider.
Where can I finde the log files?
The log file for PHP-errors you find in the directory files/log and is called tellmatic_php_error.log.
The log files for deliveries are in the same directory. They are called q_[QID]_[ADRGRPID]_[TIMESTAMP].log
You can also watch the logfile for delivery of a specific newsletter to an address group via the newsletter list. Click on the entry 'show Q' and click on the right symbols to view the log..
What is, where is and how should tm_config.inc.php look like?
The file called tm_config.inc.php will be created during installation in the include directory.
It contains the data for database access and path to your Tellmatic installation.
A typical tm_config.inc.php will look like that:
--- snip:

//domain define("TM_DOMAIN","http://www.virtualhost.de"); //absoluter pfad , docroot define("TM_DOCROOT","/complete/path/to/http/doc/root"); //script verzeichnis define("TM_DIR","tellmatic_install_dir"); $tm_tablePrefix=""; //database $tm["DB"]["Name"]="databasename"; $tm["DB"]["Host"]="hostname_or_ip_of_dbserver"; $tm["DB"]["Port"]="portnumber_of_mysqlserver"; $tm["DB"]["Socket"]=0; $tm["DB"]["User"]="database_username"; $tm["DB"]["Pass"]="database_password"; ///////////////////////////////// include (TM_DOCROOT."/".TM_DIR."/include/tm_lib.inc.php"); ///////////////////////////////// ?>

If the file was not created during installation for some reason, create it manually.
Copy the lines above and save as textfile in directory include and call it tm_config.inc.php.
I forgot my password. How to recover/reset the password?
Open your DB with e.g. phpMyAdmin.
View table 'user'.
Field passwd contains the hash value for your password.
The hash is calculated from SiteID (always 'tellmatic'), username and password.
To reset the password, you must recalculate this hash.
You must know the username.
Create a file pw.php with the following content:
			echo md5("tellmatic"."username"."newpassword");
Call this file from your browser. In Table user change passwd of user to the new hash value.
(PS: Tablenames can have prefixes!)
Login to Tellmatic, open the Usersettings and reenter or change password again! This is necessary to change passwords in .htpasswd file.
Delete pw.php after you are done!
How can I make a CSS stylesheet for Tellmatic?
How to translate Tellmatic
To translate Tellmatic into another language, you need to do the following steps:
  • register new language:
    Edit the file 'include/tm_lib.inc.php' and look for:
    	$LANGUAGES=Array(    'lang' => Array('de','en','es','it'),
                                           'text' => Array('Deutsch','English','Espana','Italiano'),
    add a new language, in In this example we add 'Dutch'. The langugage code is 'nl'.
       $LANGUAGES=Array(    'lang' => Array('de','en','es','it','nl'),
                                           'text' => Array('Deutsch','English','Espana','Italiano','Dutch'),
    enable new language for Wysiwyg-Editor: include/wysiwyg.inc.php
        spellchecker_languages : "+English=en,Deutsch=de,Dutch=nl,Francais=fr,Italiano=it",
    and create an empty file called nl.js in /js/tinymce/jscripts/tine_mce/plugins/contextmenu/langs/
    This activates a new language in Tellmatic.
  • Copy language file:
    Now you should copy the language file. As a template we use the english language file, it already contains english translated messages (tellmatic-en.po)
    The language files are located in 'locale' and called 'tellmatic-[LG].po', where [LG] is the language code (here 'nl'). Copy the file 'locale/tellmatic-en.po' to a new file called 'tellmatic-nl.po' in directory 'locale'.
  • Copy helpfiles:
    Next we need to copy the help files
    The helpfiles are located in 'doc/[LG]', where [LG] is the language code.
    Copy the directory 'en' in 'doc' with all files to a new directory called 'nl'. This directory now contains the help files for the new language. These are not translated yet.
  • Translate:
    Login to Tellmatic and select 'User' -> 'Usersettings' from te menu and select the new language. It's called 'Dutch' in this example.
    Now the new language is active.
    To translate the helpfiles and messages, you need to open and edit all files in 'doc/nl/' and replace the english text.
    Also the file 'locale/tellmatic-nl.po' must be edited. To edit a .po file you can use a simple texteditor or use a tool like 'poedit'.
  • Debugging:
    In 'include/tm_lib.inc.php' you could define the constant 'DEBUG' to 'TRUE'.
How disable Captcha for unsubscribe? (tm only)
Open 'include/unsubscribe.inc.php' and edit ~lines 69-73 (see code below):
Add # in front of these lines like so:
if ($set=='unsubscribe' && ( !is_numeric($fcpt) || empty($fcpt) || md5($fcpt)!=$cpt ) ) {
#	$check=false;
#	$email="";
#	$FMESSAGE.=$MSG['unsubscribe']['invalid_captcha'];
then open 'tpl/Unsubscribe.html' and change

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