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Quick guide (OLD)
  • Settings
    The settings are fine after installation and fit most needs, you can change them later on if you get involved in Tellmatic. Please always make sure the settings for SMTP are correct.
  • Create addressgroups (recipients-groups)
    Now create some address (recipient) groups. A newsletter will always addressed to a group of addresses. An address can be assigned to one or more groups. (e.g. Website Users, Customers, Press)
  • Create forms
    Create a form to collect addresses. Enter name and choose between opt-in and double-opt-in. Enter name for the fields, selct field type and choose what fields are required (enter values separated by ; for selectboxes). Select the address group(s) the subscribed addresses will be assigned to.
  • Create addresses - import, enter manually or use subscription-forms
    Now you can enter addresses via the form. You also can import your address sets by using the import function or enter them manually.
    • CSV-import:
      Choose groups for new addresses. Select Status for new and already existing addresses. Select CSV-file and import.
    • Enter manually:
      Enter addresses manually by clicking on 'new address' in the menu, section 'Adresses'
    • With forms:
      Just view the onlineversion of your created subscription form by clicking on the icon in the forms-list and enter addresses.
  • Create newsletter-groups
    To structure your newsletter they're managed in groups. Enter a group-name and a short description (e.g. Pricelists, News, Release Infos)
  • Create newsletter
    Now you can create your newsletter. Enter subject (will become the e-mail subject), optionally add an image and/or attachement. You may also upload images to the files/newsletter/images directory and insert them via the WYSIWYG editor by clicking on the images list. Enter your newsletter text and/or upload a template for this newsletter. The HTML-template will be added to the text you enter in the editor. Enter a link you want to track. Choose from massmailing or personalized newsletters.
  • Start delivery
    Choose newsletter and re cipient group(s). Select Date and Time you want the newsletter to be delivered (possible with propper cronjob only!). Activate 'create recipients list' if you want the Queue to be created too. Otherwise you have to start the job manually in the newsletter list.
  • Statistics/Status
    Watch a top list and several statistics.

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